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What medical expenses are tax deductible?

August 13, 2022
What medical expenses are tax deductible?

Did you know that the medical expense tax credit is one of the most underestimated credits? In fact, you may be neglecting to attach some medical receipts to your tax return because you find it complicated to get proof of your medical expenses.

Here are a few tips to help you get all the receipts you need for your medical expenses:

  • Let’s start with prescription medication, first of all, contact to your drug store then ask for a tax receipt for all expenses for the year. It’s that easy!
  • For other professionals (e.g.: dentist, optometrist, physiotherapist), give them your email address and they can send you a report of your medical expenses, or go in person to get a paper copy. You may be surprised by the total amount!

Main eligibility criterion:

Any medical expenses you paid during the year that were not reimbursed.

Who can benefit?

Individuals who paid medical expenses for themselves, their spouse or any dependent.

Most common eligible expenses:

  • Prescription drugs;
  • Ambulance transportation;
  • Costs associated with the purchase of gluten-free food products;
  • Laboratory tests and any prescribed test;
  • Medical certificates;
  • Glasses (lenses and frames), contact lenses;
  • Additional and reasonnable renovation or construction costs to allow a person suffering from a severe and prolonged handicap to have access to this residence, to move around and to carry out the activities of daily living.

In Quebec only:

  • Expenses for glasses frames are limited to $200;
  • Expenses paid to an osteopath, homeopath, naturopath and a phytotherapist are eligible.


 If the bill includes GST/QST, it is very likely that these costs do not qualify for the tax credit.

Generally, the spouse with the lower income should claim this credit.


Massage therapy and purely cosmetic treatments are not eligible, except in cases where the procedure is due to a congenital problem or reconstruction following an illness or accident.

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